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2 Forests explores hybrid ecologies, blending sounds from natural and urban landscapes into a rich, immersive audiovisual tapestry. It translates everyday sounds into immersive experiences that augment the ambiguity of the environment. By merging on-site sounds happeing in real-time with its digital interpretations, it creates a layered sensory experience that captures the essence of East London's unique blend of natural and urban elements.


The project blends site-specific and digital practices combining natural world stimuli and digital representations of the environment in order to create transient perceptual places.

Field recordings and live audio inputs are the starting points to create extraordinary narratives often hidden in the sounds of ordinary spaces. When the mental imagery that everyday sounds evoke is translated into divergent visual representations the expected relation between sound emitters and its familiar place is re-contextualized by the brain.


The site-specific installation 2 Forests featured in the event Shifting to the Forest, a sensorial space, where images and sounds created specific sensory effects, unexpected volumes, rhythms and poetic evocations. A collaborative effort to bring video and performance works out in the marshes for a night under the willow trees.

An event produced by SENSE:


Manon Schwich, Xuân Sinden, Patricia Puertas & Bernardo Varela


Live Performances by:

Bernardo Varela : Shifting-A

Fear of Fluffing & Mai Nguyen-Tri : Acoustic Set and Performance

Mai Nguyen-Tri, Xuân Sinden & Rebecca George : Triskele

Tamara Al Mashouk (Video) & Kareem Samara (Sound and Composition) : In medias res: And so the rain carried me home

@The Loose Association of Cinema and Sound : Ambient Set

@Overbeck : The Pink Elephant


Screening of:

Mani Kaul, Before My Eyes, Sound, Colour, 26 minutes. India, 1989.


Collaborators and Precious Helpers:

@Parker Heyl; @Ahmad El Mad;  @Brunao ; @Michael; @Helena; @Chris Overbeck; @Christina; @Helena Lukowiecki; @Tati Batalha; @Alfie Johnson; @Anna De Guia Erickson; @Omr Al - Tajani Mohammed; 


A Film by:

Direction, Sound Design : Bernardo Varela

Photography : Agniezka Kocinska

Drone Footage : Sebastian Mayer

Additional Footage and Photos : Xuân Sinden, Patricia Puertas, Claudio Giambusso, Jan Bernet, Paula Zuminka, Emma Watkins, Saliha Kalender, Kate, Luis Belando, Alfie Johnson, luis.cascales


Audio / Live recordings : Shifting, The Loose Association of Cinema and Sound (Live), Fear of Fluffing (Live), Xuân Sinden, Rebecca George and Mai Nguyen-Tri (Live), Overbeck (Live)



Helena Lukowiecki, Tati Batalha SENSE Crew and FRIENDS, Manon Schwich, Xuân Sinden, Patricia Puertas, The Loose Association of Cinema and Sound, Parker Heyl, Overbeck,  Adam Day-lewin, Time Based Arts, Ahmad El Mad;  Brunao Alfie Johnson; @Anna De Guia Erickson @Omr Al - Tajani Mohammed


Shifting started as a research and design project @interactivearchitecturelab. 

Design tutors: @felixfaire, @paul.bavister

Thesis tutors: @Vasilija Abramovic, @Ruairi Glynn


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