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Displacing is an audiovisual experiment, part of the Shifting series.

A site-specific installation, it incorporates and translates sonic and visual elements from a secret garden in East London.
Sounds captured on site are transformed and their causal relations ambiguously shifted.


Shifting is a series of audiovisual experiments which explore the human ability to conceive perceptual environments out of ambiguous and abstract stimuli. 

Spontaneous and irresistible illusions are provoked by a disruption of the causal relation between sound and visual motion.

Thus starts a journey across imagined surroundings, a dynamic process invoking internal projections. The work heavily relies on the observer's imagination and capacity to render realities.

Researcher: Bernardo Varela Supervisors: Paul Bavister, Felix Faire, Luca Dellatorre // Thanks to: Helena Lukowiecki, Tati Batalha // Hardware: Custom Parabolic Microphones, Custom Binaural Microphones, Surround sound system // Software: Ableton Live, Touchdesigner, Adobe Premiere.

Thanks to: @helenaluko @tatibatalha Manon Schwich
@jklucy_design @im_____amy_____ @paul.bavister @ava.kouchak @felixfaire @boomerangtrotter @doris_ruid @mjwagner2000  @interactivearchitecturelab @bartlettarchucl
@felixfaire @paul.bavister @arselectronica 

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