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Hovering delves into the intricate world of microsound, unveiling the nuanced interplay between auditory and visual cues. It explores the fragmented essence of sensory experiences, creating an audiovisual narrative where sound grains and visual particles intertwine to form a continuously evolving perceptual environment.


Field recordings from a playground are transformed using granular synthesis, where tiny fragments of audio become a 3-minute exploration of particular sensory interactions. This process redefines the original meanings of familiar sounds, as granular synthesis reorganises audio fragments from the order of milliseconds in the temporal dimension. 


The visual dimension of the project is directly influenced by the sounds, with the motion of visual particles being audio-reactive, creating a feedback loop that inspires new interpretations.


The project bridges the gap between granular synthesis and Gestalt psychology principles, illustrating how the organisation of sound grains at micro levels can influence and define perception on a global scale. By focusing on the micro-level interactions between sound and visual elements, Hovering encourages viewers to perceive and interpret the overall environment in new and unexpected ways. 


This research  encompasses studies in experimental psychology and neuroaesthetics started during the MArch Design for Performance and interaction at UCL / Interactive Architecture Lab. Tutors: @felixfaire, @paul.bavister @luca dellatorre Thesis tutors: @Vasilija Abramovic, @Ruairi Glynn

Researcher: Bernardo Varela Supervisors: Paul Bavister, Felix Faire, Luca Dellatorre // Thanks to: Helena Lukowiecki, Tati Batalha // Hardware: Binaural Microphone SennheiserAmbeo,  Surround sound system // Software: Ableton Live, Touchdesigner, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition


Shifting-Seeking is another experiment of Shifting, an ongoing research about transitional states of perception, part of my MA at UCL (MArch Design for Performance and Interaction). On this short film we follow geometric elements seeking entrance to a parallel world where they might belong to. This is a speculative design project that aims to visualize how the concept of transitional states of perception could be explored in a VR environment.

Researcher: Bernardo Varela
Supervisors: Paul Bavister, Felix Faire, Luca Dellatorre
Audio: Friday@Unit15 – The Loose Association of Cinema and Sound

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