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An interactive, site-specific installation driven by real-time data from the immediate urban environment, transforming local sounds and motion into nature-inspired narratives.


The project aims to reengage people with their immediate environment by establishing a connection between active listening and motion awareness.


Located on a bustling high street in East London, Art Practice Gallery enables direct engagement with its environment, allowing for spontaneous and immediate feedback from a random audience as new ideas are tested.


The creative process behind Immediate Transients combined art residency, research, system development, performance, and exhibition simultaneously in one location.

Sometimes, urban noises can sound like nature sounds, but these insightful ambiguities, linking different ecologies, often go unnoticed as our brains automatically lean towards the familiar rather than the novel.

To shine a light on this familiar pattern, Immediate Transients creates a poetic link between urban and natural environments by interactively transforming immediate urban noises into nature sounds, like wind and waves.

It uses motion data from the surroundings to modulate audio filters and also to drive generative visuals in real-time, bringing to life audiovisual representations of natural phenomena such as rustling leaves and water flows.

Sounds around us have their frequencies 'carved' in a playful way through an interactive process similar to the natural phenomenon of sound waves reaching our eardrums.


During the final event, passersby were invited into the gallery to enjoy live, improvised music. This music featured drum beats made from street sounds captured live, blended with acoustic instruments and synthesizers

Environment as musical instrument.

Here’s a short video explaining how the SURROUNDRUM MACHINE creates drum sounds out of a live audio feed from the immediate surroundings.

The visuals inside the gallery were driven by movements happening on the street in real-time. So, when people inside looked out through the glass, they could see the actual movements outside and their related motion reflected on the glass.


Huge thanks to the Art Practice team for the amazing opportunity. 

Massive thanks to the Time Based Arts team for the amazing support.

Special thanks for all the help: Arthur Andre, Bruno Spadale, Gabriel, James Allen,

Lily Baron, Katie Reid, Mike Skrgatic, Nora Parker. 


Images and sounds: bevarela

Additional images: Arthur Andre, Ollie Ramsey.


Guest artists (Live Improvisation): Bruno Spadale, Patricia Doors,

Vincent Morris, Xuân Sinden.


**All  sounds captured on-site**

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