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When navigating a world full of uncertainty, transitioning between different interpretations is not only key to survival, but also
a creative act.

shifting  is an audiovisual experience that inspires new ways to perceive the connections between sounds and images. Situated and digital installations augment the ambiguity of everyday sounds by re-signifying them through dynamic visual representations.

Sounds create a mental image, and when
shifting gives sounds an image, the brain brings these together in a very unfamiliar way, invoking transformative moments of cognitive dissonance boosting our power to create new associations. for more info.

Creative process


Acoustic ecologies
The creative process starts mapping the place to be explored and celebrated.
Map and record elements of local acoustic ecology
Map and record visual elements (photos, videos, photogrammetry)


Digital translations
Process data to find similarities with other places or events.
Development of digital audiovisual tools that allow the shifting between different perceptual environments: 
  - Realtime audio filters for mimesis of the local acoustic ecology.
  - Generative dynamic visual representations of the sonic translations.


Performance and installations
Augmentation of environmental ambiguity using both realtime processing of current on-site sounds with the use of microphones mixed with sound elements pre-processed from the same location.
Realtime audio reactive visuals projected on the environment suggesting different interpretations for the local sounds.
The experiences can also happen in indoor or virtual environments.

The research and design of this project encompasses studies in experimental psychology and art practice started during the MArch Design for Performance and interaction at UCL / Interactive Architecture Lab.

Thanks to:
Helena Lukowiecki, Tati Batalha, SENSE Crew and FRIENDS, Manon Schwich, Xuân Sinden, Patricia Puertas, The Loose Association of Cinema and Sound, Parker Heyl, Michael Wagner, Adam Day-lewin, Time Based Arts, Ahmad El Mad,  Brunao, Alfie Johnson, Felix Faire, Paul Bavister, Luca Dellatorre, Vasilija Abramovic, Ruairi Glynn . 

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